As a society the use of medications to control behavior, illness, and other conditions could be sending our youth the wrong message. Society impresses on children that pills fix everything. Medicine can change anything wrong with you. While as a society we hand pills to our youth for every reason deemed fit, society expects our children to not abuse those medications. Mixed messages for young minds is a recipe for disaster with a child that has potential for addiction issues.

9 out of 10 people with addiction started using substances before they turned 18. Although studies show that Marijuana use has increased the results show that drug use is on the decline in minors. However the statistic shows that most adult addicts started using at a young age.

There are new addictions that are becoming substantial in the new generation of American youth. Social media has become the new gauge for social acceptance and socialization. How many likes that your selfie gets or how many people you have on your friends list determines your status and importance among peers. Bullying on social media has resulted in suicide of the victims, in some cases.

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