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Hotaru Tomoe aka Sailor Saturn From: Sailor Moon Cosplayer: Yizumi Photographer/PShop: Unknown Source:

Sailor Moon 'aka' Bunny. Version: Biker. Anime: Sailor Moon. Cosplayer: Lexi Farron Strife 'aka' QuennOfCosplay. From: France. Photo: Retropix. 2013.

Disney heroines re-imagined as Sailor Moon characters

Disney heroines re-imagined as Sailor Moon characters

Disney princesses as Sailor Moon characters - at first thought this was cute then realized it turned every character into a super slut. Society needs to constantly assess the female image. Inappropriate note to self don't let daughter watch sailor moon

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How To Get Perfect Sailor Moon Hair

Now you can style your hair just like Sailor Moon thanks to WeHeartIt. They’ve created a how-to that shows you the steps needed to get that iconic hairdo w