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희귀버섯에 대한 이미지 검색결과

희귀버섯에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Medicinal Mushrooms – 5 Popular Types & How They Can Benefit Your Body

Methow Valley Herbs: Medicinal Mushrooms: Some mushrooms can be DEADLY! If you are unsure as to what mushroom you have, it's best to discard it and/or leave it be!

Awesome Blue Mushroom ♥

This photo jumped out at me from my FB feed. The colours alone had me. I'm a huge fan of the naturally occurring blue hues, especially in insects and fungi. These little, blue mushrooms are awesome. - Photo courtesy of Gardening

Rare mushroom

Amanita viridis (rare mushroom) © Steve Reekie -- Is this real?

natural lighting

Nature fact "hot pink glowing mushrooms" - not from Pandora, nor from Hadar, but right here on planet Earth ~:^)>


awesome Wrinkled Peach mushroom (Rhodotus palmatus) ~ By Dan Molter.

Related image

Related image

Cymatoderma elegans var. lamellatum or Leathery Goblet

Looks like a flower in a vase -- Fungi - Woody pore, bracket and other non-gilled fungi - Stephen Axford Photography

Small species with thin stems and mainly conical caps.  Not edible.

pretty little mushrooms ~ Mycena sp, Cavite, Philippines, Oct 2011