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13 Spills in 30 Days 04-12-2013 Moving oil is a dirty business, and never has that been more clear than this past month. Since March 11, the global oil industry has had 13 spills on three continents. In North and South America alone, they’ve spilled more than a million gallons of oil and toxic chemicals—enough to fill two olympic-sized swimming pools. How bad was it? Here’s an infographic of all the oil spills, leaks and derailments in the past 30 days.

Africa... If we keep using the ocean as a dumping ground it will become just that - and kill all the amazing wildlife - and destroy our beautiful environment and eventually it will kill us - we all have to work to stop this now...

Timeline of the San Andreas fault, showing the subduction of the Farallon and Pacific Plates by the N A Plate over the last 30 Ma