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Joe Roberts on

I'm sure there's a great kids book in this photo! RT @zefer: I got a bit lost, it was brilliant :)

Hi. I'm Siege Brown. I lost my leg when a zombie bit it. Had no choice but to get it amputated. I do whatever it takes to survive. That it turn makes me cynical. This "safe" hospital? I give it two months. Tops.

Had learned to read and understand speech in this language as a child, but lost it when we switched babysitters. I'd like to learn it again.

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Overnight, the world's oceans have been replaced by vast forests inhabited by strange creatures. You are on an expedition to find a lost ship in what used to be the middle of the Atlantic.

Good Guy grim reaper

((Open RP, play the Grim Reaper?)) I'd just died, a bit painfully, but dead nonetheless. When he showed up, I was surprised by the sign. But I didn't ask questions, I just moved forward and hugged him.