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#quotes #fashion

#quotes #fashion


THE SPRINGER SPANIEL AND HIS LAMB This picture could stop wars. Jess the spaniel’s owner taught the dog to feed lambs with a bottle, and now the dog has totally taken over lamb-feeding duties. World peace!

The best photobomb ever

22 Feelings You Can Feel About Ducks

We are the sheep on the road for life. And look at how happy it makes us sheep!

Voordierenblogger: 60 'awesome ' foto's van vriendschappen tussen dieren ......even wat anders dan dierenleed

Manni the five-week-old boar plays with a Candy the Jack Russell terrier in Ehringhausen, . Adorable little animals, cute puppy pictures full of cuteness.

How to greet someone in Icelandic. Wie man jemanden im Isländischen grüßt.

Most of the Reykjavíkers understand English, but it is nice to "shop in Icelandic". So how to you ask for the price in Icelandic?

Psalm 144:15 Daily Relevance Verse 10/2/13

Marxist: this picture is Marxist because the baby represents the delicate undeveloped nature of a capitalistic economy therefore rendering that type of economy as a bad idea. Lennie is unaware of the harm he is causing to his best friend George.

too cute

Mini horse and his Great Dane buddy. I thought about getting my Dane a mini horse for company.

Our lambs were always born in January-February when it was soooo cold. We didnt have heat in the barn and I remember waking up many winter mornings with baby lambs warming in a box beside the wood stove.

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Love the little lamb! Maybe, I should start a sheep farm.


Funny pictures about My deer friend. Oh, and cool pics about My deer friend. Also, My deer friend photos.

Hayırlı huzurlu akşamlar diyorum herkese.

Hayırlı huzurlu akşamlar diyorum herkese.

Tips on raising sheep plus a great list of plants that they can and CAN'T eat!

Can sheep eat sweet peas

Can sheep eat sweet peas? Not in large quantities! We learned the hard way.

Jan's Page of Awesomeness! >.

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