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Stitch fix inspiration January 2017. Try stitch fix subscription box :) It's a personal styling service! I absolutely love stitch fix! Try them out for yourself. 1. Sign up with my referral link. (Just click pic) 2. Fill out style profile! Make sure to be specific in notes. 3. Schedule fix and Enjoy :) There's a $20 styling fee but will be put towards any purchase! #Sponsored

I hope it to be enough for me...even if I think there should be more.

Purple Violet Red Cherry Pink Bright Hair Colour Color Coloured Colored Fire Style curls haircut lilac lavender short long mermaid blue green teal orange hippy boho Pulp Riot

I just tried it. I didn't understand. So I ended up playing a Wildest Dreams Fan Audio and the Style video to get a remix. Amazing. Except the fact that Style is longer than Wildest dreams. If you tried this and understood what was supposed to happen, please comment. Thanks. -Emily.


I haven't heard much of Suicide Silence, but this is just.... No... Considering how he actually died in a motorcycle crash... Just... No. This makes me sooo angry that all the Directioners tell Kenadee to kill herself. AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE FREAKING "STYLES" STOMP OH MY WORD JUST NO HARRY YOU ARE A FREAKING DISGRACE TO THE EARTH PISS OFF HARRY YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DO THAT IT'S THE LUCKER STOMP DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO MAKE A "STYLES" STOMP NO JUST NO L-U-C-K-E-R STOMP NOT STYLES