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Emergency Communication: Are You Prepared to Make Contact During a Disaster?

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual- Level 1

"Get your FIRST ham radio license! Easy-to-understand bite-sized sections. Use this book, and pass the license test. Includes the latest question po

Throat Mic Set for Walkie Talkies / 2-Way Radios =====> Crystal clear radio communication in the noisiest environments with this professional grade throat mic set. Traditional Mics Can Not Compete This military spec throat microphone (AKA laryngophone) picks up sound directly from your vocal chord vibrations and cancels out 90% of all background noise.This allows for crystal clear communication in loud environments such as construction sites, night clubs etc

Ham Radio 101: 12 Video Tutorials

Below are 12 ham radio tutorial videos from N7TFP. This is a huge resource! You might want to bookmark this page so you can come back and watch the videos over time. Ham Radio Tutorial – The License Exams The other tutorials in the playlist are: Ham Radio Tutorial – Your first radio! Ham Radio Tutorial – HF …

Ham Radio Go Box

ammo can housing Icom HF transceiver Self designed, printed, control panel internal battery