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22 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Post-Breakup Angst

I am a huge fan of vintage comic book-style pop art. When writing, I'm not keen on describing the scenery. I really feel like art does that better. What I like writing is dialogue and thoughts. I would LOVE to partner with a fantastic artist who specializes in a style that resembles vintage comic book art to create romantic drama graphic novels about modern day Black and Afro-Latino characters. I dream they would look like children's pop-up books, collage-style and 3D with all kinds of…

Batman - Layout of the Day by lnewhouse (Digital Scrapbooking Standout for Sept 28, 2015) created with the Superheroes Collection by Meagans Creations

comic book sign- find the letters you want and then cover with some comic book strips to create a great effect- I would use for letters 'MR & MRS' for a superhero themed wedding- great for top table

Oh look someone shared my artwork! Oh my so many notes, that’s cool!………..Oh look they didn’t give the artist credits (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻Seriously guys, I don’t even mind reposts but don’t forget to give the artist proper credit (<— see, I just did it, it didn’t hurt) , it’s so frustrating to see stuff like this…

Single Paper Book, this would be useful for a handout when you have lots of information to share