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who are you and how did you find me??

Funny pictures about New friend request. Oh, and cool pics about New friend request. Also, New friend request photos.

It's supposed to taste like cherry, but it tastes more like yuck.

"No, Grape cough medicine, you don't taste like grape. You taste like death and the tears of small children. Not grape.


David after the dentist finals meme, I just stumbled across this!--- Or just any dental school exam

Manifeste de la Liberté

31 unmistakable signs you're an introvert. Funny how so many of them describe my daily life.ME IN A NUTSHELL LOLOL

Me neither!

So I watched the vow and decided if I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum told me he he was my husband, I wouldn't question it.

I love this, hilarious!!

I love this, hilarious! It's so true though. But cats talk to me so that must be something. I must be closer to a princess then!

Frozen Characters On Facebook

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this MADE MY DAY! When Oaken goes Yoohoo at the foot comment, I laughed so hard that I almost peed!