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I realize i have that same crown pen :ooo lolz

kyle for my and @nirvallis dishonored/bioshock inspired au i dont know how to design clothes but here u go????? he also wears a mask but masks r a pain in the ass to draw

Finally ended! Finally done I came back to Tumblr because of this anime. Can’t believe that there’s gonna be an anime came up to ruin my life by drag me sit in front of the computer, launch my hand to finish many full drawing like this, and make me...

[Image: Three digital drawings of Cassian Andor. Two of the drawings are busts looking to the right, and one is Cassian with his eyes closed and smiling.] guess who my favorite rogue one character is :P

✨Redhead Glow✨ - Another one of my hair-glow series. After seeing this pic I remembered I haven't done one for red head, so I took the opportunity to finish this one up! I also finally just got back from vacations so I made this one in Photoshop instead of Procreate. I got to say that I do miss some of procreate's features in photoshop...Zooming in and out and changing brushes in Procreate is a breeze... PS has it's own cool things though so I do like them both. #art #drawing #sketch…

i have crossed the horizon to find you

"My first year of college I took a drawing class and my teacher said "I never tell people this but you should go into fine art your work is amazing" I found out she's a famous artist should've listened"

I've been waiting for days to post this January page on New Year's! Happy New Year to all. Beautiful job, @lifeinabujo . . #Repost @lifeinabujo with @repostapp ・・・ Good morning bujo-friends! It will be January in a few days and I'm setting everything for the new month. The trees are came back. I always dream about living near a forest and I hope one day I could do. I love drawing animals and cute doodles but sometimes I need to express my deepest feelings and these last few days I felt very…