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How to play Tetris on most Canon calculators

How to play Tetris on most Canon calculators

oh. oh.                                          oh my god. No. NO. NO.<<< It's fine, it's fine, I didn't need my heart. ...

But you didn't by Caramelkeks on DeviantArt<<< Crying <<<< WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!<<< wish did you here that sound? OH yeah it was just my heart exploding!<<this was actually a Chinese poem that was changed to fit the gravity falls theme.

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I have and I'm just so happy as can be!❤️Thank you so much! I'm so glad people actually enjoy my taste in things lol! I love when you guys talk to me, there's a few of you that are so much like me I feel like I know you personally. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Zodiac Sagittarius facts.

This is definitely me. I can't apologize in person very well at all. I stutter and trip over my words a lot but if I write it down and stuff, I do a lot better. Same thing goes for really emotional stuff,

NOT COOL!!! Hello fellow pinners. As you may have heard, pinterest is testing a new look. In it, social interaction will be further impaired, and we'll be reduced to mere content generators. Ever missed a messaging function? It's getting worse. Please repin this to alarm others, and then click to open the feedback form and tell them your opinion: http://pinterest.com/forms/new-pinterest-feedback/ Thank you.

Spread the word! With the new set up we can't interact with eachother anymore! Pin to your boards!

Well I must be cool I guess... Haha

I've lived from so I'm totally even more awesome!>>>>>>> plus one of my birthdays was on so I'm even more awesome