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A mystery writer's daughter sets out to find her missing father and, along the way, begins to understand the loneliness that has gripped them both since her mother abandoned them years before.

The 6th book in the series! The crown this is the real deal cover! I'm so excited I can not wait another second

Sixteen-year-old Tom LeFave is trying to hold his world together. His family's marina is struggling. His dad is full of secrets. And the quarterback of the football team hates his guts. When a huge yacht docks at Tom's marina, things look brighter, especially when he meets Kat, the daughter of the boat's owner. Kat and Tom share a love of rum-running history. It's not long, however, before Tom starts to realize there's something more than history happening on the river.

Subject: Teenager Connor Reeves, professional bodyguard, is summoned to protect the President's daughter, who doesn't want to be guarded. Connor must protect her against an activating sleeper cell, while she tries to escape the Secret Service and lead him astray.

Redeemed House of Night book 12 (Comes out 10/14/14 ) I'm sad that it's ending but maybe there will be a movie soon.

Tsukune runs into a problem when two monster mothers think he is dating their daughters.

When middle-aged, single mother, Ellen McGinty sells the house she raised her daughters in and sets out in search of a new life, she runs directly into the path of a man twenty years younger. Told from multiple points of view, the story explores concepts of love, the nature of regret and the hope of recovery.