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Disney misses nothing!!! But, I have to point out that in mythology Thalia wasn't a muse. She was a grace.

Proof That "Hercules" Is One Of The Most Underrated Disney Movies Ever

correction: Melpomene is not the muse of drama. She's the muse of tragedy. Together with Thalia, the muse of comedy, they are the muses of drama (theatre). >>>> and there were seven muses in the myths but Disney only had five

My mom would be having herself some kaluha (not sure on spelling lol) and cream one of her favs!!!!

I think my guardian angel drinks.ha ha, Idon't think I have a guardian angel, but if I did she'd probably drink.

Edie Sedgwick was a socialite and model who became a muse to Andy Warhol. Heading to New York in 1963, Sedgwick's hard-partying, socialite lifestyle led her to meet artist Andy Warhol, and she became his muse during the height of the Pop Art movement. She starred in several of Warhol's movies before her death in 1971. Edie epitomizes the Avant-Garde 60s to us and Modlips Revival is greatly inspired by her signature style.

Ben: Cool B photobooth pictures of Edie Sedgwick by Andy Warhol. We should post a picture of this contact sheet outside the photobooth as inspiration :)

4 Job Search Things That Don’t Require a Sense of Humor - The Muse: It's always a good idea to be yourself during a...

4 Times Funny People Should Keep Their Jokes to Themselves on the Job Hunt

I love old women!.. ....theres a sense of peace and wisdom that they have.

"I shall go out in my slippers in the rain And pick the flowers in other people's gardens And learn to spit." Is this a bit like "When I a old, I shall wear Purlple? I believe that this is an exact translation, or close to it.

5 Ways Florida Is Keeping Its Sense of Humor Right Now #collegehumor #lol

5 Ways Florida Is Keeping Its Sense of Humor Right Now

Hurricane Irma is approaching Florida and is looking to be one of the most devastating storms in recent memory - 7 million people have been evacuated, . View Ways Florida Is Keeping Its Sense of Humor Right Now" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Catholic humor

31 Hey Girl Memes That Only Mormon Girls Will Understand

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.