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The Periodic Table of Typefaces poster http://www.scribbleoneverything.com/prints/type-o-file/periodic-table-of-typefaces-print/prod_137.html via @tomjohn001

"The Periodic Table of Typefaces: For all my font geek friends. (And yes, I have more than one font geek friend.)" My Notes: For all you lovers of typefaces and science

Periodic Table of Desserts - it would make me happier if the elements were actually where they're supposed to be but still pretty sweet

The Periodic Table of Dessert: Closeups. Website also has food structures and cooking temperatures of cooking sugar

Periodic table of Hunger Games Characters

Periodic table of the Hunger Games! If Science used this Periodic Table, it would be so much more interesting! Especially with Peeta.

Periodic Table of Rejected Elements.

theatlantic: The Periodic Table of Rejected Elements [Michael Gerber and Jonathan Schwarz, The Atlantic, August

tabla-periodica-copia.jpg (2661×1376)

tabla-periodica-copia.jpg (2661×1376)

science elements periodic table 1457x858 wallpaper Art HD Wallpaper

I love this periodic table. That gap makes it so much clearer that the lanthanide and actinide series belong in the table and are stuck underneath only to make the table fit neatly on the printed page.

Typography 3D

Digital artist and motion graphics designer Dan Hoopert lives and works in England. Using Cinema Hoopert created a stunning typography project that re-created the alphabet with virtual wire.

Photoshop Shortcuts Diagram Blue by Manuel Soto, via Behance

Photoshop Shortcuts Diagram Blue by Manuel Soto, via Behance