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Fiji reeling after devastating Cyclone Winston, among the strongest ever to strike land

Winston ranks among strongest tropical cyclones on record to strike land anywhere in the world.

Great Barrier Reef Threatened by Climate Change, Chemicals and Sediment

An Australian government report to Unesco says the risks are well-managed, but it also paints a grim picture of the scale of protecting the area.

Donald Trump’s War on Science

Donald Trump’s War on Science - The New Yorker

New reports reveal many communities across the US have contaminated drinking water. This is an absolute scandal & akin to a "banana republic" . If water supplies cannot have assured quality there is something gravely wrong wit US society. Home to some of the richest in the World & this afforded many residents. Scandalous !

Exxon Continued Paying Millions To Climate-Change Deniers Under Rex Tillerson

NEWS: Low-lying atoll nation has bought land in Fiji to relocate its 100,000 population as global warming impacts accelerate

Seth Meyers Drills Donald Trump And Cabinet On Climate Change

Seth Meyers Drills Donald Trump And Cabinet On Climate Change | The Huffington Post

630 of America's biggest companies are pleading with Trump to give up his climate change denial

More than 630 companies and investors have called on Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress to continue the move to a low-carbon economy, warning that failing to do so would “put American prosperity at risk”.

Methane impact on global climate change 25% greater than previously estimated