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Native American Indians even painted their horses and ponies decorating them with with war symbols or symbols of power before they went into battle

Check out this site for facts and info on Horse War Paint. Native American Indian culture in respect of Horse War Paint and symbols. The American Indian Horse War Paint.

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Reminds me of the Pow wows back in IL. Wish i knew more of my native American heritage. natives american: pow wow never been than you should go even if you are non native

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Stunning pictures document the life of Native American Indians before the influence of Western settlers

Here for your browsing pleasure is an extraordinary photo of a Young Yakima. It was made in 1910 by Edward S. The photo documents an Indian with long braided hair, shell disk earrings, shell choker, cloth shirt, and a beaded vest.

Bull Plume - Blackfoot (Northern Peigan) - circa 1880 | cherokee | native american indian | interference of white man | shotgun | sad | chief | 1800's | www.republicofyou.com.au (I just found this too. Ok, a Piegan is nowhete NEAR Cherokee. Two completely different tribes, kids. It saddens me that American people know so bloodly little about the First Nations of the land they build their houses on and plant their prideful flag upon.)

Bull Plume - Blackfoot (Northern Peigan) - circa 1880 - Photographer unknown~So…