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"Living out of your integrity" might be a little confusing wording-wise. To me, it means living without integrity. Essentially, it means living without holding yourself accountable. This is something you shouldn't tolerate, most definitely.

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When someone gossips about you, it's possible that they have some resentment towards you but do not have the courage to confront you face to face on the matter. It is also possible that the person is jealous. Finally, it may be that the person has low self-esteem and is trying to elevate themselves by putting you down. Guess what? It's never a good look for you...

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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, Seneca Quote. Startup. Life Quote. Inspirational quote. Motivating Quote. Office decor

Don't wait for luck to come to you. Make it. Work hard, create opportunities and be prepared to take them when they come your way! #success #motivation