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Cumpleaños feliz

Cute picture of a baby bear. It looks like he is telling his momma a secret! If you like pictures of cute animals they dont get any better than this one.

{Somewhere Over the Rainbow}

Here is a collection of images of cute polar bears. Come here for high quality images of polar bear cubs and polar bears being cute

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"Anything good in the fridge, dad?" ~Lee Duncan

"hello anyone in there?" ( the polar bear looking into the igloo) "no can't see anyone look" the two polar bears peaking)

Baby polar bear..he's too cute not to repin!!

Cute Baby Bear

African Lion Mother and Cub, Tanzania. Photograph by Mitsuaki Iwago......PARTAGE OF PHILIPPE LOUIS......

African Lion Mother and Cub, Tanzania Photograph by Mitsuaki Iwago, Minden Pictures. The light off her ears and the grass. Plus I have a thing for big cats.

Stunning! If I had a do over I would spend at least a few of my younger years helping save these gorgeous bears.

Look at this beautiful polar bear. If people don't get there shit together to help the environment the. These beautiful creature will soon be extinct 😢😢😢😢 save the polar bears!