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“There is no reason in the world why you should not be important where you are known. You have good sense, and a sweet temper, and I am sure you have a grateful heart, that could never receive kindness without hoping to return it. I do not know any better qualifications for a friend and companion.” Mansfield Park

The Messianic Kingdom Jehovah’s Absolute Right To Rule // Established By the Almighty Himself To Accomplish His Purpose Regarding His Creation // The Kingdom Foundation 1)Jehovah’s Absolute Right To Rule 2) Its King 3) His Corulers 4) The Domain Of Their Rule // All Have Been Legally Established By Means Of Covenants, By Legal Contracts Or Arrangements In Which One Of The Binding Parties Is Either God Or His Son, Jesus Christ // At that time you were without Christ, alienated…

There's no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight

"There's no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight" by bat-caitlin ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art

(Rp?) Guy; ma'am I was sent to protect you. Me: I don't need or want it thank you very much *i say as I stomp away. Without a word and with seemly no effort. He picks me up walking away. I squirm insulted but there's no hope he's the highest of the top trained agents. He was sent to do a job and he was gonna do it* (I need someone to be the guy)

Robin Hood (BBC). ''You have no idea what she means to me.'' ''Let me guess: you can't sleep for thinking of her. You can't turn a corner without hoping she'll be there.'' ...

Morrigan: “There’s no song for the choir There’s no hope for the weary If you let them win without a fight” #da #dai