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Regulators dropping pilot study of cancer risks near nuclear plants

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Tuesday (Sept. 8) that it is halting a pilot study of cancer risks near nuclear power plants and other facilities. The commission said the study, which was to be conducted by the National Academy of Sciences, would be...

Scientists say world's marine life threatened with extinction: media roundup

Humans are on the verge of causing the mass extinction of animals in the world's oceans, according to a groundbreaking scientific study published Friday (Jan. 16) in Science magazine. "We may be sitting on a precipice of a major extinction...

BP oil disaster might have hurt Bluefin tuna rebuilding, study says

3.1 million square miles where Atlantic Bluefin tuna spawn was oiled

Coast Guard reports 4,200-gallon crude oil spill in Barataria Bay

The spill covers about 8 square miles, including some wetlands, to the west of Empire.

Louisiana gets $4 million from Transocean for oil spill claims

Louisiana and four other Gulf Coast states have reached an out-of-court settlement of remaining damage claims against Transocean for the company's role in the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and oil spill, according to a motion filed Tuesday (Oct. 27) in federal court in New Orleans, but Louisiana's sh.

Dead zone along Louisiana-Texas coast seen as size of Connecticut

Attorney general moves to take over 39 oil industry damage suits

Jeff Landry asks court to let him prosecute the damage suits, so state may benefit from any financial or restoration settlements

Save coastal Louisiana, and you protect the rest of the nation

La. Gov. John Bel Edwards: This isn't a Louisiana problem; it's a national emergency. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita demonstrated how important coastal infrastructure is to the preservation of human life and our nation's economy.

Pilot project plugs holes in Gulf Waterway in Lafourche Parish

'Living shoreline' of recycled plastic mats, native plants could slow erosion and saltwater intrusion

Louisiana and 20 coastal parishes to share 20 percent of initial Restore Act money

Louisiana and 20 coastal parishes will share 7 percent of BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill fine money to be distributed among Gulf Coast states under the federal Restore Act, according to new rules issued by the U.S. Treasury on Wednesday. The...