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Wildlife Photo of the Day - September 23, 2015: A small group of three that crossed in front of us while we were traveling the back roads west of Sundre, Alberta. These are a few of the wild horses of southern Alberta. We had seen a few groups this day, but this was just a small family, dad, mom and baby.

Retired thoroughbred Karakorum Patriot. the snow horse at old Friends Cabin Creek Farm, photo by Connie Bush

Washakie's Dream - Wild Stallion - Fine Art Photograph

Snow Colt - Fine Art Wild Horse Photograph - Wild Horse - Cremello Colt - Winter - McCullough Peaks

The wild horses on the Northern end of the Outer Banks. Brought here by the Spanish.

"Boys Will Be Boys" by Jeff Goldberg: These are two wild stallions involved in a show of force. We were across the pond from these horses and the fight happened so quickly, I was lucky to get a decent shot of the action. Sable Island is southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is one of Canada's newest National Parks. In 1960, the government gave these ponies full protection from human interference.