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I wonder what he smells like

I wonder what he smells like

He should’ve said “In the future, everyone will have 15 items with their own personal brand”: Yes, the Nelson Mandela car air freshener is real, smells like cookies and is available online for a […]

What We Can Learn From Frank – The Happy Homeless Person

What We Can Learn From Frank – The Happy Homeless Person


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Lap top cover

Original DrawTop It's the new whiteboard app that's compatible everywhere! Adhesive whiteboards made out of high-quality, non-porous vinyl, are custom fit to

Taylor Swift Caption Fail –– HILARIOUS!. Seriously watch this. Totally worth 2 minutes. I laughed pretty hard.

Rhett and Link Taylor Swift Caption Fail. (It's even funnier when you know the actual lyrics!

The Enlglish Fish Language

Comment from a friend: Why I never want to teach English/Language Arts. Worst language ever. But I DO want to teach English/Language Arts. And this is why no ELL student will ever be mock in my class.

You guys go fight Kony. I'll just update my status

Shotgun & tea, a syrian rebel guards an alley at Rastan area in Homs province

Star wars trek!!!!

This was salvaged from the wreck that is "Goodwill"

Flying ...

We Could Be Heroes, by André Baumecker "The shadows are real, no edits. Jump and shoot - right timing, good light and some friends!" Thanks to Digital Art for sharing

This is the most hilarious and amazing Christmas cake I have ever seen.

I want this to be for Jesus (Spanish) but the red and green make me think it's a dinosaur themed Christmas Cake for Jesus (Son of God).

Since when is eBay feedback not a relevant reference??!?!?!?!?!?!.....I guess that's why I don't have a job...........

Funny pictures about Good guy Cadbury. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy Cadbury. Also, Good guy Cadbury.