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It speaks volumes when someone looks you in the eye and shakes your hand. Someone being nice and the rare moments feeling their kindness. Someone who has pure intentions unbridled by agendas. It speaks volumes for someone who preaches heart of humanity, and still doesn't place the hand over our God given spot of the human heart, in salute. Yes, all this for a damn perspective.

Irony As long as their within their illusionary right of control,and that they had the initial right to release their identity.... Guess in the end they just don't think about response and reaction when you throw it out there. Makes one wonder what the initial agenda is when people post every little thing they're doing..Brainwashed in giving up freedoms Perhaps that's why they trip out in the end when they feel the need to fall back on their illusion of privacy in a ....Patriot Acting…

Imbeciles with alterior motives....hmm... Which make them smart as all hell.... ....Good at Making us wear so many prescribed viewpoints.... Few we harvest from our own mind grapes.... Yeah....Imbeciles.. Yet ... fuckin genius.

Every girl has that guy she wi never stop loving and every guy has that one girl he will never stop fighting for . SumNan Quotes

Older Short Documentary on Racism. Does any of this still ring true today? Cough cough "red dawn remake" cough .

oh sigh....... some girls are so dumb.... Pick the friend guy he has proven his worth and will do so for thirty + years.

This is funny cause I've really been a situation where one of my biggest school years bully tried to hit on me in a bar because "I've become so hot". Many years he used to call me and my friend names like "weirdo, queer, flat, crazy metalheads" or just simply "the ugliest girls in the school". So really? You try to hit on me? Fuck you too! :D

"Centerville, California. This youngster is awaiting an evacuation bus. Evacuees of Japanese ancestry will be housed in War Relocation Authority centers for the duration." Dorothea Lange, 9 May 1942

Isaac and Rosa 1863. Rosa is mixed race ancestry. Both were former slaves. Historic photos of "white" slaves