William of Tyre (writing at his desk) – The chronicler and royal tutor described his childhood: "He made good progress in his studies… He had an excellent memory and he loved listening to stories.”

I often see this one titled a TEMPLAR but if the name on it is read it can be seen to not be one at all. Simon de Montfort did go on crusade but not as part of any order, he also participated in the slaughter of the cathars. Later he rebelled against the crown and is said to have been the father of english parliament.

Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153 CE) was born into nobility in Burgundy died in 1153 at Clairvaux. Supporter of the Templar Order writing on their behalf and creating their rule based of the cistercian rule.

Via Deborah Harkness, ASTDG "A more flattering picture of young Baldwin?? from The British Library's copy of William of Tyre's Histoire d'Outremer. French MS, written between 1232 and 1261, f. 18v."

1250 Fariksur, the last major battle of the Seventh Crusade, the Crusader forces were annihilated and King Louis IX was captured on 6 April. Later, when the news of the French defeat and the capturing of Louis IX reached France, a rather hysterical movement known by the name Shepherds' Crusade occurred in France.

Jacques de Molay (1244??-1314) Master of the Order from 1292 to 1312. The absence of correct archives prevents the exact establishment of the places and date of birth of Jacques de Molay. Nevertheless, archives of European kingdoms of that time, suggest that Jacques de Molay was born about 1245 in the French region of Haute-Saône, in the County of Burgundy.In 1265 he is received in the Order and is elected last Master of the Order before April 1292 at age 48.

Guillaume de Sonnac (11??-1250) Master of the Order from 1247 to 1250 Guillaume de Sonnac came from a great family in the French Region of Rouergue. He was elected Master of the Order in 1247 when serving as Master of Pouilles and Poitou, a position he held since 1236. Guillaume de Sonnac died on April 11th 1250, during a battle along the river Bahr al-Saghir, near Damiette.

William of Tyre, Archbishop of Tyre and Chancellor of Kingdom was Baldwin's tutor and friend. He had known King Baldwin IV as a boy and instructed him in his religious duties.

The film Kingdom of Heaven featured the story of the loss of Jerusalem. In the story, King Baldwin IV is featured as a successful diplomat who maintains good peaceful relationships with Sultan Saladin.

Templar Master and Templar Nun by Dashinvaine on Deviant Art. In the early days of the order there were a small number of nunneries attached to them however like the married brothers or Con Frere these were later done away with. In one church in France there is a stained glass window depicting a Templar nun in a blue habit, not certain as to which church though.

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