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Paige and Brooke Hyland with Skai Jackson from Jessie Skai Jackson is so cute in the racing outfit.

Maddie and Kendall aka brunette Twinnies aka bros

Dance Moms Colour Swap/Change - Kendall Vertes and Maddie Ziegler - Bodies Electric ~ Yellow & Green -> Red & Purple - Edit by

Dance moms !

The Dance Moms and dancers with Abby Lee Miller.kenzie is the one in the fluffy black thing and Chloe is in the black shorts with chains and a gold and black top

I LOVED Asia! She was so sassy and fierce! But sometimes, her dances were a little TOO raunchy...

dance moms confessions I like Asia she's amazing and watch her show raising Asia! She rox

Pagie and her boyfriend

Paige & josh hyland and OMG this guy is my idol and the sexiest teenager alive!

This is the year that broke us

Yes it is, and it makes me sad to know that my three favourite dancers Chloe, Brooke and Paige all left this year because of abby.