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Now this song is Ten times more creepy then it normally is...

Credit to the artist: Rebornica I do very like rebornica art and I heard everything about FNAF

This is Vince, not Vincent. He's in Rebornica's new comic, Pilot. At least bae is back!

This is Vincent Heliotrope, NOT Rebs interpretation of the purple guy from FNaF. Please understand they are not the same person!

Rebornica (the one whos made all the fnaf drawings ive posted a lot) is leaving the fandom due to all the hate. •Π• so I probably won't be posting here much. Also im really sad that the AU is ending (but its being sent down to Cam :p) but yeah.

sad, rebornica last fnaf drawing that means he left fnaf fandom.

rebornica:  I want to reconcile the violence in your h e a r t,    I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask,    I want to e x o r c i s e the d͠e͠m̶ons from your p a s t,    I want to satisfy the Undisclosed Desires in your heart

rebornica: I want to reconcile the violence in your h e a r t, I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, I want to e x o r c i s e the d͠e͠m̶ons from your p a s t, I want to satisfy the Undisclosed Desires in your heart