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I love sam pottorff

I love sam pottorff💗

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I love Sam a lot of ppłš say he's ugly I say back off he's cute to me and that hurts me and pro him so STOP I love you Sam💋💞❤️

Sammy. ♡ I honestly kinda miss his purple hair. /:

((FC: Sam Pottoroff)) "Hey everybody! I'm Sam. Most people call me Sammy though. I love penny boarding and anything trendy. I love the outdoors!

Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley, dressed up for the Trouble music video

Sam Pottorff (right) and Kian Lawley (left), dressed up for the Trouble music video

Sam pottorff....... He is not Gay!!!!! But this is funny. He kissed his best friend on accident.

Sam pottorf: the look on his face when he said it was Kian is priceless.

Why have i not seen this yet????!!!!!! but Sam and Taylor.... then theres just Aaron all not shirtless hahahahha!

This is the pic I first saw of them Taylor Caniff, Sam Pottorff, Aaron Carpenter

our2ndlife connor franta ricky Dillon sam pottorff jc caylen richarod ordidas kian lawley

I'm a Lawleypop, a cloud and a samwitch all the way❤