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Ancient Greece jewelry from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Head piece, bracelet, and earrings.

Diadems and Tiaras, The word diadem characterizes the crowns of royal families which were basically weaved head bands. Alexander the Great received one after he won Darius the 4th and became a king. The diadems received the form given to them today a bit later and they are mainly golden and often found in tombs.

Elaborate subsidiary ornamentation drew plant and animal motifs, or the relation between adornment and the goddess, Aphrodite, and her son, Eros. Popular designs for earrings included; Airborne winged figures, such as Eros, Nike, and the eagle of Zeus carrying Ganymede up to Mount Olympus. In Hellenistic times, jewelry was often passed down through generation. Occasionally, it was dedicated at sanctuaries as offerings to the gods.

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Wreath of oak leaves and acorns Greek, Late Classical or Early Hellenistic Period, 4th century B.C.