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I would love a shot like this with you, Skippy and I before getting ready..

"maid of honor" shot / / Michelle - this reminds me of reaching for your hand in church. = ) "maid of honor" shot :) absolutely in love with this

It's Women's History Month. There has been so many important women who have shaped the world. Who do you immediately think of when you think about women (past or present) who bring about change? Th...

Women who Changed the World:NaBloPoMo

Well-behaved women rarely make history. I am trying to think of a well behaved woman thad did make history for more than who she was married to.

O campo pede um estilo diferente. Algo mais confortável e que você consiga se locomover melhor em uma superfície irregular. As botas são perfeitas para essa circunstância e podem ser usadas em seu look de noiva. Embora não sejam muito utilizadas no Brasil, as botas são facilmente usadas em casamentos country americanos.

cowboy boots wedding dress :) I love the idea of sitting in a swing like this! The McGarity house has a swing!

I hope N future wife likes baseball because they are so taking this picture :)

Wedding Ideas Blog

I so want to do this! I love baseball, softball and everything to do with this good ol' American sport. Already having a kickball game at my rehearsal, why not play some baseball?

idophotography.com - casey is awesome!

idophotography.com - casey is awesome!

Bride Photo 3

Bride Photo 3