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Food is one of the first things to go in a panic.

Why a looming storm makes us think we can eat all the junk food we want

#Prepper #survival - How to make a smoke bomb. Useful for a getaway or signaling over med ranges. I forgot I knew how to do this, totally works!:

Make a Smoke Bomb out of Ping Pong Balls

How to make a smoke bomb. Useful for a getaway or signaling. When my boys were young they set off many smoke bombs. Now I know how to make smoke signals.

Plastic Bottle Water Filter

FATHER: MY OWN WATER FILTRATION? I would never have thought of making my own water filtration device with a soda bottle and a water filter. Very clever re-purpose for the bottle.

Home made solar heater.

Building a solar panel heater out of aluminum cans to heat my greenhouse.after I build my greenhouse.

Hobo symbols

Hobo Symbols The code of signs that hoboes use to communicate good spots and places to avoid. Seems like it could use updating to include signs for “good wi-fi” and “no cell service here.

Using Shipping Containers for Underground Homes--Basement option?

The abundance of shipping containers means that they've popped up as housing, as schools, funhouses, shopping malls and as emergency shelters. And now for the survivalists among us, there's the underground shipping container bunker too.

How to build a panic room. - http://www.survivalacademy.co/

Another pinner said "How to build a panic room.I used to draw house plans on graph paper and even when my age was a single digit my house had a panic room." Good so it wasn't just me.

#Prepper #FoodStorage - Where to Hide Your Food (And a Few Places You Shouldn’t)

Where to Hide Your Food (And a Few Places You Shouldn't)

Where to Hide Long-Term Food Storage and other Emergency Supplies (and a few places where you shouldn’t): Survival and Beyond