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Dick Grayson (the first robin boy wonder and later turning into nightwing and then batman  & Damian Wayne ( The first batman Bruce Wayne son mother Taliha Ghul )

10 Amazing DC Comics Superhero Selfie Illustrations: Nightwing and Damian Wayne<<< Dick would

Nicki Minaj Ballpoint Portrait by ~Craig-Stannard ::   Traditional Art / Drawings

Young Money Monster Nicki Minaj Portrait, Drawn in black Ballpoint pen on Nicki Minaj Ballpoint Portrait

Fan made drawing with colored pencils of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence

“ Jennifer Lawrence & Kristen Stewart, drawn with colored pencils by _artistiq [please don’t delete the credit to the artist] ”

New Digital Illustrations by Vlad Rodriguez | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Johnny Depp from Sweeny Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. What a fantastic art style!

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Julia Roberts by ~DeniseEsposito on deviantART

My favourite actress and her wonderful smile - charcoal, HB, F} Work in Progress: Comments and faves are love! EDIT: I uploaded a new.

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