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then im just like "OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OK?!?!?! IM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and they r running away from me then im just like " :'( my poor baby!!! come back! i didnt mean it!!!!!!!"

I swear, I untangle the cords and come back five minutes later to find them all screwed up again like it's some kind of cord orgy or something!


Eragon's movie was awful, Percy Jackson's movies were awful too, but none compare to the horror that was the Last Airbender movie.<<<--- I Have never watched the airbender show or read the books but I did see that horrendous monstrosity of a film.

well what isthere to saY a bout me hmmmmmmm welli am a geek i love dead pool, frefly, the walking dead ,Dr who and lot of other stuff . hope ya enjoy my part of the web. so sit back an relax and enjoy...