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CNN has just fired 3 journalist for making fake news story about Trump-Russia collusion!

This is as absolutely as much as a disgraceful slap to the face of the Marine Corp as Obama's halfway salute (while on the phone) as he crawled on the plane.

President Obama makes U.S. Marine break military rules by holding an umbrella while in uniform

President Obama checks the need for an umbrella held by a U. Marine during joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Washington

True Idiot..!

Is he delusional, uneducated or have selective memory? Perhaps he simply knows his constituency will never seek facts for themselves. That is the basis for the democratic nazis in America.

Taking liberal lunacy to a new level !!!

The Liberals are made up of mostly self-loathing white psychopathic retards and celebrities who live inside their own respective little bubbles. What color is the sky in Libtard-land?

Just like her predecessor "Those who cast the #votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." -J. Stalin

Democrats have been busy signing voters up. Hillary has the cemetery vote. ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

And now we know how Obamination got voted into office. . Not once.. but TWICE!

Pinned using PinFace! Yep, this is an Obama supporter looking for free contraception, free abortions if that fails and free anything else she can get. She will have to buy her own burka when Sharia Law comes.

Couldn't have said it better myself! Sounds like, "Thou shall not steal". My husband and I have worked our butts off to get out of a bankruptcy debt because the recession hit us hard and you "deplorable's" that are healthy and capable of working are leeching & stealing from us hard workers! I, for one feel extremely offended, disrespected and taken advantage of by you and the government! AND THAT'S ONE REASON TRUMP WON! Suck it up!

Some people view Welfare (Benefits) as a career/lifestyle choice. It was meant to be a SAFETY NET!

Attention Seekers Techniques: How many do you know?

social welfare When no employer is broadminded enough for you. THE WORLD HAS GONE INSANE. no wonder they protest the I just hope the person in the picture is photoshopped or does have a good job

This is kinda stupid...

This is kinda stupid

I think I will keep mine regular color and keep the scum guessing. I could gun free, Maybe not, you flip a coin if you feel lucky!