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The Office. Taco probs. Kevin and I have more in common than I'd care to admit. | See more about tacos, the office and offices.

"The only problem is, whenever I try to make a taco, I get too excited and crush it." Kevin has the same problem I do.

. - Album on Imgur


When a friend starts watching a show.this is happening to me right now with Walking Dead.my friend can't even look me in the eye when I bring it up lol

boy meets world

24 Signs You're Topanga Lawrence From "Boy Meets World"

Topanga has a weird middle name. {This always makes me laugh WAY too hard. "Your first name's Topanga. What's your middle name, Shmaboopie?

Winston Bishop... Master prankster :)

New Girl- Nick and Winston- Winston is bad at pranks. He either goes too small "Hey, let's pour some juice near her shoe" or he goes too big "Hey, let's hit her in the throat with a ski.

You, after being out for like an hour: | 27 Signs You're The George Costanza Of Your Friend Group

When everyone's baffled by your lack of OKCupid success:


30 Ways Growing Up With "Seinfeld" Totally Messed You Up; sorry, you are who you are because of Seinfeld.

Miss this show…Everybody Love's Raymond!!!

31 Ways You Are The Grandparents From "Everybody Loves Raymond"