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we haven't been shopping in a while...  I remember how we would laugh.. how we would we would grab onto each others arms and awe n eww...  we did have fun, ..didn't we? <3 and miss that sis!

Me and my Sister.best friends are the people in your life that make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live better quote

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6 Freundinnen, die du unbedingt in deinem Leben haben solltest

600 shopping carts in the grocery store and I keep picking the one with the front wheel that likes to pirouette like a ballerina on speed.

Create a safe environment for students and then model the transparency and vulnerability you want them to display. Don’t expect them to open up and share just because you’re the leader. Allow time for trust to be established.

What is happening in this picture? Where is he or she going? What will happen next? What is on the grocery list?

Oh My God This Bunny Rabbit Is Using A Tiny Shopping Cart

What is cuter than a bunny with a shopping cart full of carrots? A bunny tipping a shopping cart full of carrots to eat them all, of course!