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Photography by Andrey Pavlov, "The fantasy world of ants." I can't believe none of these are photoshoped!

Daimonzaka. For those who've always wanted to feel like they're on a "Lord of the Rings" set. In Japan.

Early humans lived in a world that one evolutionary geneticist compared to the fantasy world of <em>Lord of the Rings</em>. Not only were there many hominid populations, but these populations interbred, contributing to the genetic diversity of modern humans.

Which Fantasy Movie World Do You Belong In?I got: Pirates of the Caribbean You’re pretty carefree and easygoing, and don’t let the little things in life bring you down. You have a need for adventure and to be with people all the time. You’ll be perfect in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, where there will be lots of exciting adventure… and rum!

Japanese self-taught artist Yosuke Ueno explores the fantasy world of surrealism in his whimsical yet beautiful paintings. His colorful characters and their surroundings have been inspired by Japanese modern pop culture but with a dark twist. The artwork features cute, ... Read More

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