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Always believe in yourself..you can do it

Always believe in yourself..you can do it

SRK, so cute and sexy and charming I just can't stand it!!

Shah Rukh Khan Pictures and Photos

My first Bollywood crush -Hes too old for me but dayum

Indian parents don't see sports as profession, says Shah Rukh Khan!

After cinema and cricket, SRK takes on education now!

Hahaahahahaaha...I can see THIS being pinned to about 10 million girls pages!!!  ;-)  too CUTE

Sharukh Khan in My Name is Khan. This is one of the best movies ever

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Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood

Прямая ссылка на встроенное изображение

SRK Universe Nigeria on

Love Pics-Love Quotes-Love Pictures: Bollywood Pictures And News-Aryan is not making hi.

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