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3ders.org - 5AxisMaker multi-fabricator: mill, scan, 3D print, spray & cut on Kickstarter tomorrow | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

The is a desktop multi-fabrication CNC machine that hopes to expand the possibilities of digital fabrication by making it cheap and

The Guns Mini-Tutorial: Center Axis Relock by PhiTuS

A rather unconventional technique for handgun (and debatably, long gun) shooting. You may have seen Sam Fisher use it in the recent Splinter Cell games. The Guns Mini-Tutorial: Center Axis Relock

Hetalia: Axis Powers. Artist unknown. If you are the artist or know the artist please let me know so I can credit properly or take this art down from my board if you wish.

Germans/Austrians getting triggered. I mean, seriously triggered. That was a fucking dark time in our history.

Hetalia - Cute Kitty!Axis❤

They're even in their uniforms! Nekotalia Italy, Germany and Japan, Hetalia