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Veremos como un simple chico, causa tantas cosas con solo una foto.  … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

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Onew dumps baby Taemin

13 more K-Pop idols' LMAO stage goofs

Just proving that idols can be immatured even at their If you search up Shinee, EXO, BigBang and and others, you'll see what I'm talking about. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS CRAZY.

how exo flirt 101

how exo flirt 101

fake subs are my favourite thing. if Kai's wasn't a play on english words i…

kekeke we always see that EXO is wearing good looking clothes on that we also want to wear but then in the end we see our oppas wearing this~?? kekeke EXO haven't you seen this yet~!? kekeke

Dem outfits though. Lol Tao's face on the smoking flags pic

14 of Onew's most 'dubu' moments | allkpop.com

14 of Onew's most 'dubu' moments

Oh my god can someone please tell me who that is that got hit by the tree!

EXO-K itibaren Starhome>

Huang Zitao & Oh Sehun ~ These glasses haha 55555555555555555

First reaction: LMAO | Second reaction: what the fuck chanyeol

lol kai's face at the end xD he's like "hahaha. you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?" OMFG Chanyeol you are me