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More human hearts are stopped by abortion than by guns: 65M and counting

It is painfully obvious and statistically irrefutable that the most dangerous place to live in America is in the womb of your own mother. Stop abortion!

PIN IF YOU AGREE! We need your powerful prayers to end abortion, please sign up when you can http://www.theendofabortionmovement.com/join-now.html

Yes, let's send women back to throwing themselves down stairs and back alley butchers

WHY are TAXPAYERS paying for abortion?  THINK....personal responsibility!!!

Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron. Planning parenthood means plan ahead to have a baby when you are ready. It does not mean get pregnant then plan on killing it.


If you are for abortion, what if you and your baby switched places? What would your view be then? Are you still just tissue and not alive?

In Defense of the Defenseless | cultureshiftforlife.com

Pro-Lifer Rushes Into Planned Parenthood Clinic to Save Baby From Abortion - LifeNews.