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Who Wrote It: Anne Sexton Or Sylvia Plath? http://ift.tt/1r4YdvJ #Books

Sexton was a revolutionary: She wrote frankly and breathtakingly about incredibly personal and controversial topics — including her mental illness, drug addiction, and abortion — until her suicide in 1973 at age 45.

<b>The books that will move you, inspire you, make you cry, make you think, make you laugh.</b> Even if you read them in high school or college, you'll have a different perspective on them now that you're Out In The World. (Trust me.)

Melissa Herrington - Ashes to Honey"All day I've built a lifetime and now the sun sinks to undo it. " — Anne Sexton

Reinhold Niebuhr, an American Protestant theologian, composed a prayer that has become the cornerstone of the recovery movement: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." This is a profound aspiration. But what are the things we cannot change?

Anne Sexton 1928-1974 , Newton , MA  In her introduction to Sexton's Complete Poems, the poet Maxine Kumin, who was enrolled with Sexton in the 1957 workshop and became her close friend, describes her belief that it was the writing of poetry that gave Sexton something to work toward and develop and thus enabled her to endure life for as long as she did.

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