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Top 10 Car Seats- And why they're the best. Car seat safety is so important will have to check this out.

Combi Cocorro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat - great seat especially for a smaller car. Didn't use it until my girl was bigger because I felt the buckle was too giant when she was little.

Car seat use after an accident

A post about using your car seat after a car accident with recommendations from the NHTSA.

Car seat safety tips from @Wendy Silva; this story illustrates why minimum government regulations are just that - MINIMUMS!

Eight is not Enough: The 5 Step Test in Action #carseat #ncssw

Booster seats until the age of 8 is the law, but best practice recommends that kids pass the Step Test" before graduating out of a booster seat.

Car seat safety

Putting this on your car is a bit over the top (IMO) but I agree with it! Extended RF and extended harnessing is the smart and easy way to keep your kids safe!

Extended rear-facing car seats: how and why our daughter is still rear facing at age three.

Age 2 and Beyond: How and Why We Chose Extended Rear-Facing Car Seats

Extended Rear Facing - Age 2 and Beyond. 22 months and 28 lbs and still rear facing!

Top Baby Essentials, and the ones you don't need. This blog is fantastic! She even has links and codes for free baby stuff!

The Top Baby Essentials, and The Ones You Don't Need

The TOP Baby Essentials, and The Ones You Don’t Need- estimate in how many diapers you need for first 6 months

Car Seat Safety ~~ 7 Myths About Extended Rear Facing

Truth About Extended Rear Facing

Car Seat Safety ~~ 7 Myths About Extended Rear Facing (Please, PLEASE leave your babies rear facing until they hit the weight limit on their convertible car seat. Crossing their legs will never be as uncomfortable as a spinal injury.

So scary, but important to know! Loose items in the car become dangerous projectiles in the case of an accident. If anything, it's motivating for me to keep the car a little cleaner.

Almost Deadly Sippy Cup Incident Warns Against Projectiles In Car

Almost Deadly Sippy Cup Incident Warns Against Projectiles In Car - ***seriously ya'll, if you wouldn't throw it full force at your kids face, it needs to be secured in the car***