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I just love these. Draco is Teddy's cousin (once-removed) and you can't tell me that after everything Draco wasn't a part of his life, even begrudgingly.

Draco and Teddy (Draco wears a Weasley sweater! and his mug says princess! Notice the more time Teddy spends with Draco the more his hair changes from blue to blond.

this is sad, even Crab's pretty stupid

I've just realized that that's impossible because there were no cameras or they lived in the century the only person in the school who had a camera was Colin creevy and it ran on hogwarts<<<<<<<<Harry Potter was in the wasn't it?

Bwahaha!  Sometimes...sometimes I feel like this is how it really was...poor, darling Severus.

Hogwarts Alumni: Severus Snape and Babies Anime -- Harry Potter Cast Anime: Severus Snape - Harry Potter - Hermione Granger - Ron Weasley - Draco Malfoy

Not even joking I heard the accent in my head while I was reading it

Not even joking I heard the accent in my head while I was reading it

Draco and Dragon by CaptBexx on DeviantArt

I gave Draco a little pet dragon… ^-^But Draco shares his apples with no one! XD Draco and Dragon

Year 1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, Seamus Finnigan, Irish

Yes well at least i am crazy! Seamus Finnigan said this in the first year and I read it and imagine the accent and everything oh god what is happening to me xD

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People do misjudge Slytherins. I'm a Slytherin, and it really bothers me how people look at me when I tell them in which house I belong. Were not evil (well, I am a little) but just really misunderstood

yeah pretty much I have started making them daily....what has happened to my life? hahaha

always.harry potter reference in a pie chart about harry potter references