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Card of the Day ~ Meditation. Invite Archangel Raphael into your meditation today for healing of the mind, body and spirit. You will may smell fresh cut grass as well as see the color green to validate his presence.

Mystical moon

Card of the Day ~ Detach From The Situation You've become embroiled in a situation to the point where you can't see it objectively. This card indicates that it's time to step back and obtain a bigger view of the picture. Archangel Michael asks you to detach from the surrounding emotions, and he'll help you do so.

Card of the Day ~ 2 High Priestess ~ Archangel Haniel: Powerful psychic insights. Reflection and meditation that provides valuable information. Be at peace.

Mystical moon

Card of the Day ~Your Children Are Watched Over By Angels Archangel Michael wants you to know that he's paying particular attention to your children. He's guiding them to stay safe, and discover and follow their Divine life purpose. Michael is also ensuring that their peers are trustworthy and good influences.

Card of the Day ~ 5 of Michael. A distressing situation is coming to a head. Archangel Michael's advice is to move forward but first remove your attachment to how you think it should all come together. If something isn't working, release and then revisit with another more positive approach.

Mystical moon

Card of the Day ~ Confidence You may worry whether you're prepared and qualified for what's ahead of you. Remember, though, that God won't bring you anything that you're unable to do. Heaven also ensures that you have powerful companions, such as Archangel Michael, to help you in all ways.

Card of the Day ~ The Sun ~ Archangel Uriel: Life is wonderful! Thrive through the power of positive thinking. An inspiring Success! Happiness, a trustworthy relationship, understanding oneself, personal satisfaction.

Card of the Day ~ Acceptance. Trusting all will work itself out in the end is not always easy. Calling upon Archangel Raphael to bring in acceptance will help you move forward with more confidence and trust.

Card of the Day~ Our Lady of Growth Assured sends a message that there is a beautiful manifestation, which you have long desired, coming to fruition now. It is important to the wellbeing of your own soul, and the healing of our world, that you have patience and allow this birth to happen at the best timing. Trust in her, and you will find the birth of your dream happens naturally and with great joy.