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Pinterest: @çikolatadenizi

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I craved respect and honor. I wished every man would treat me like a lady, not eye candy or easy entertainment. Yes, that is the appropriate word: easy. Guys and men assumed they could look at me or talk to me as and when they wished.  All praise to Allah, all of that has changed now that I wear the hijab, abaya and niqab.

The whole “I wore niqab/burqa/veil for a day” thing…

Sükut-u Lisan Selameti İnsan

Sükut-u Lisan Selameti İnsan

Saudi arabia😍👭❤.....

Saudi arabia😍👭❤.....

A MUSLIM woman who claimed she was assaulted for wearing a hijab days after the Paris attacks has been fined after CCTV footage proved she had made the whole thing up.

Muslim woman fined after LYING about being attacked for wearing hijab

She told police that she was knocked to the floor in the racist attack and that other Muslims in the area were being targeted

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If I went out with this many niqab's I'd surely like to see ignorant fools try to make fun of us!

A common sight in downtown Prague as Czech citizens are increasingly fearful of the onslaught of islamists.


Find out the most popular Muslim baby names for your cute boy or pretty girl along with the Islamic origin and meaning.