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Carla Mary's Paleo Blog: Paleo Chocolate Covered Nutter Better Cookies

Paleo, Clean, Raw, Vegan, and easy! Ingredients Cookie: Dates 1 & cups Almond Flour 1 & cups Almond Butter 1 cup Vanilla 1 tablespoo.

Fun with Paleo: Paleo Cayenne Cashew Chocolate Bar

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate or higher 1 cup Cashews cup Agave/.

FUN WITH PALEO: March 2013

Paleo Chocolate Covered Bacon Ingredients: Bacon 1 lb cooked until crisp but not over done Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips 2 cups Cook ba.

Fun with Paleo: Paleo Chocolate Coconut Almond Haystacks

Getting back to my Paleo Roots. During Lent I gave up Baking, as I love to do it and wanted to challenge myself. Plus I have a lot of sins.

Carla Mary's Paleo Blog: Paleo Fudge Chocolate Cake

Paleo Chocolate Cake Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Paleo Blog: Paleo Milk Chocolate Almond Bars

I cut into mini bites because these are Dangerously delicious.

Paleo Blog: Paleo Brownie Explosion

Maybe overkill here with this dessert but what can I say, I'm a Chocolaholic! Some times you just gotta do it!

Paleo Blog: Paleo Nutty Granola

The smells gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here! Drooling as this is cooking as it smells incredible. Wow I'm gonna have so .

Fun with Paleo: Paleo OIAJ

You literally layer ingredients in a jar and put in refrigerator the night before. Wake up to pure Bliss! Makes 2 Se.

Paleo Chocolate Turtles Ingredients Shell: Enjoy Life Chips 1 cup Coconut Oil cup Vanilla 1 tablespoon Melt ingredients on low in.

Fun with Paleo: Paleo Chocolate Turtles