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What you plant now, you will harvest later!!

father (studying): not now son. father (going on office): not now son. father (using mobile): not now son. child (smoking): not now dad 152869

While this is a DIY for a fashion "Thank you" Card, this same technique can be utilized to create OOAK invites for events you'll be at. #DIY #Invitations

A simple origami dress makes a cute DIY thank you card. It’s great for Mother’s Day, bridesmaids and bridal showers, or simply showing your appreciations for fancy ladies. Let’s get some fancy paper and start making this cute dresses thank you card!

Men's Tie Purse (no link to instructions included, just inspiration)

How awesome! Idea for grandpa's old ties! DIY Turn a Men's Necktie into a Wristlet. Thrift store ties and cute for going out or as gifts to friends

#DuckHunt Dog #SuperSmashBros Comic

And The Greatest Tag Team Was Born

Duck Hunt Dog Super Smash Bros Comic This is so heartwarming the acids in my belly boil out of my eye-sockets. Might be tears, but idk.

He's been digging deep! So by studying in the word of God you find the truth. Isn't that a comforting fact that we are grateful of!

Egeltje Prik - Niemand wil met Egeltje spelen. Is dat niet zielig? Gelukkig heeft Mama de oplossing. Kijk snel!

Lees me voor: Egeltje Prik (book with text, read out at a slow pace)

Vitaliteit is niet alleen bewegen en gezond eten...

Advocacy and Self-Advocacy - What's it all about? Advocacy – what is it anyway? The Alliance for Justice defines advocacy “as any action that speaks in favor of, recommends, argues for a cause,.

....And listen to ASMR...LOL

Stress management worksheets & infographic 10 Tips to Keep Calm & Reduce Stress Infographic Description Stress management techniques Stress management acti

Rousseau tem outra teoria sobre esse assunto

14 memes por trás das frases de grandes filósofos que te representam - ObaOba

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