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Die neuen Spitzenschuhe nicht für Ballerinas

Christian Louboutin eight-inch Swarovski-encrusted stilettos, which are based on the ballet pointe shoe Couldn't wear them.but I am now into all things sparkly pointe shoe!


Kobi Levi "Sling-Shot" Heels Freelance footwear designer Kobi Levi of Tel-Aviv creates some of the wildest and craziest shoes I have ever se.

This is clearly a slingshot high heel. I think it's a very unique design. It looks like a pretty functionally shoe. I like the texture and color of the heel and the fabric. The high heel is too steep for me.

Bizarre shoe designs by Kobi Levi

Though we don’t encourage any young STEMists to actually wear these shoes, Kobi Levi makes beautiful and original shoes such as these catapult “Sling Shot” shoes.

Convertible heels are invented by Tanya Heath. You can call it as changeable shoes or multi-height heels, now office ladies have more choices to swap style and height under different situation. see more on: Tanya Health Paris

Convertible Heels That Can Swap Style And Height, And They Are Really Comfortable

Adjustable shoes with removable heels for women who don't want to suffer to be beautiful from innovative fashion designer Tanya Heath

Jimmy Choo ❤️❤️

Jimmy Choo Kole Sandal Nude Suede Leather Glimmering Crystals Wedding Shoes 39 in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Shoes, Heels

Tarantula Stilettos.Just those two words should have anyone with arachnophobia crawling away at these jaw dropping shoes.

Freaky Shoes For Daring Soles

creepy and strange. spider and insects woman's high heel shoes. creeps me out