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The Dark Siren by *krlos-Armstrong on deviantART-would love to do a heavily photoshopped photoshoot.

☆ The Dark Siren :¦: By Artist Carlos Quevedo ☆ Mermaid Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Mermaids Siren Fantasy, Mermaids - golden ring

Whispers on the Wind ~ A newly minted knight plans to secure his place in his adoptive family through marriage. But the fates have other plans for him.


Concept Art From The Last of Us, Prey 2, Tomb Raider...

Creative Illustrations by James Paick. Born and raised in Southern California. James currently a concept artist for game development, working out of Los Angeles, CA. Illustrations by James Paick

4 Horsemen by *nJoo on deviantART.  I love different interpretations of the 4 Horsemen.  I love how he kept with the colors and general description from Revelations, but gave it his own rendition.  Great stuff.

My interpretation of the 4 horsemen! Famine, Conquest (which modern cultural interpretation changed it to pestilence, but it's originally Conquest) , Death, War

Lagoon - A gallery-quality illustration art print by Charlotte Gomez for sale.